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Bishnoi Temples (Holy Places)/Dharamshalas & other places of important

A. Bishnois main temples are 8 (also called Asthdham). These are the holy places where Guru Jambheshwar Ji lived or visited.

1. Pipasar

This is in village Pipasar, District Nagaur, Rajasthan.
Guruji were born here in year 1451 (Vikrami Samvat 1508, on 8th of Bhadwa month). Sathri is made in the boundary of guruji's home where he took birth. Some of Guruji's belongings are kept here e.g. wooden sleepers, hand flour mill, hand spice grinder etc. Tree of Khejri, where Rao Duda of Merta tied his horse and was surprised to see Guruji calling cows one by one to drink water from the well. This is the same well where Guruji pronounced his first shabad . Guruji gave Rao Duda a wooden (of ker tree) sword with wishes to gain his lost kingdom. Later on Rao Duda got his lost kingdom back.
It is located 45 km north of Nagaur. Nagaur is 110 km from Bikaner and Nokha is midway. Pippasar is not far from Mukam & Sambhrathal. After visiting Mukam & Samrathal, Bishnois visit here also.
On Janamashtmi (Birtday of Guru Ji & Krishna), a mela(gathering) is held here on Krishna 8th of Bhadwa month.

2. Samrathal (also called Dhok Dhora)

It is located 2km south-east of Mukam. Total 82 Km from Bikaner.

This is a high sand dune(DHORA) where guruji achieved enlightenment below a tree called KANKEDI. Guru Ji organized a famine relief camp here during Rajasthan’s worst drought in year 1485, to stop migration of farmers and cattle towards Malwa. This was the main preaching place of Guruji. On 8th(krishna) of Kartik month of Vikrmi samwat 1542(year 1485) Guruji founded Bishnoism after havan & pahal and Pulho Ji was made the first Bishnoi. Guruji stayed here most of the time (VS 1540 to 1593) and created shabads and accepted people in Bishnoism from many casts and faiths.
The followers visit here on all Amawas but Falguni & Asoji amawas are main. In 1941 Maharaj Ganga Singh constructed a pond here. It is tradition to bring sand from bottom and leave at top of the dune.

3. Jambholav(Jambh-talab)

This is in village- Jambho, tehsil- Phalodi, Dist.-Jodhpur in Rajasthan.
This is a pond (TALAB) founded by guruji near Jambha village, hence called JAMBHOLAV. Water of the pond is salty and people take bath in the pond. This is like an oasis in desert.
Located at 33 km north-east off (before) Phalodi. Phalodi is midway at national highway NH-15 (from Bikaner to Jaisalmer). Phalodi is also well connected by trains.
On Amawas of Chetra and purnima of Bhadwa(bhadrapad) months melas(religious gathering) are held here every year.

4. Janglu (Sathri)
This is 5 km south-weat of village Janglu on Bikaner to Nokha road 15 km south-west of Deshnok(karni temple-famous for rats).
Guruji stayed here on route to Jaisalmer when he was invited by Rawal Jaitsi of Jaisalmer kingdom to inaugurate Jaitsamand dam in VS 1570 and performed Havan. Guruji's robe (CHOLA) & wooden bowel with handle(CHIPPI) is kept here . Between Janglu village and Sathri there is a pond which was constructed by Bar Singh Beniwal on order of Guruji. There is a beautiful temple here.
Mela is held here on Amawas of Chetra & Bhadwa months.

5. Rottu
This is in Jayal Tehsil of Nagaur District, Rajasthan and located 45 km north-east of Nagaur on Nagaur-Sujangarh road 3 km off Ramsar village Off NH-65(Nagaur to Churu)
Guruji came here in VS 1572 on the occasion of BHAT/MAYRO (gift to sister on her elder child's marriage) of his follower/pupil Umma Devi Bhadu (also called Naurangi). Guruji planted a garden of Khejari trees which still exists. The khanda(wooden gift) which guruji gave to Rao Duda is kept here. Foot print on a stone is supposed to be of Guruji.

6. Lodipur (also called Lodipur dham)

This is in Muradabad district of Utter Pradesh and located 6 km west of Muradabad on Muradabad-Delhi railway line and NH-24(Muradabad-Delhi). Total around 150 Km from Delhi.
Guruji came here in VS 1585 on request of his pupil Surji Devi and planted a Khejari tree which is still exists. Guruji's foot prints are on a square stone.
On Amawas of Chetra Month mela is held here.

7. Lalasar (Lalasar sathri)

This is in Nokha tehsil of Bikaner district in Rajasthan and located at 25 north-west of Mukam and 60 km south-east of Bikaner. Near nokha off road NH-89 (from Bikaner to Nagaur>Ajmer). Lalasar sathri is 7 km from Lalasar village.
Guruji took his last breath here under a tree of KANKEDI on a sand dune on 9th of Mingsar month in VS 1593. Guruji's body was moved to Mukam and buried there.
On Krishna 9th of Mingsar month a mela is held here.

8. Mukam (Mukti dham Mukam)

This is in Nokha tehsil of Bikaner district in Rajasthan and located at 80 km from Bikaner, 17 km from Nokha on sujangarh road.Nokha is also well connected by trains.
Old name of this vilage was Talwa but being the last resting place of Guruji it is called Mukam(the destination). Guru ji's body was burried(cremated) here on 11th of Mingsar month of VS 1593 near a Khejari & Jaal tree as advised by Guruji. Guru samadhi & Khejari tree is now covered by the marvelous temple constructed with white marble stone. The trishul found at the time of excavation to burry Guruji's body can be seen fixed on top of the temple. This is the most important religious place for Bishnois.
Two main melas are held here on Amawas of Assoj(ashwin) and Falgun month but followers visit here on each Amawas. Many Dharamshala(place for pilgrims to stay) are constructed here for the pilgrims.
Now head office of Akhil Bhartiya Bishnoi Mahasabha (All India Bishnoi Council) is also located here.
On Mukam to Samrathal road a large Gaushala (cows’ shelter house) is being managed by Bishnois. This provides shelter to abandoned, hungry, helpless, sick cows.

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