Bishnoi saves deer, deers in bishnoi village, bishnoi saves wildlife
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Bishnoi saves deer, Bishnoi saves trees, bishnoi saves wildlife,Bishnoi Hom Hit Daily Bishnoism is the most practical, simple,eco-friendly and living being caring sect of Hindu Dharma founded by great visionary saint Guru Jambheshwar Ji in year 1485AD(Vikram Samwat 1542, Kartik month, Krishna 8th) on a sand dune called SAMRATHAL DHORA in Thar desert of Rajasthan, India.

Based on 29 principles(tenets/commandments/rules) Bishnoism was the first sect/religion emphasizing love, peace & harmony among not only human beings but also with mother nature, wild animals & trees.

Guru Jambheshwar used religion to convey his message of living peacefully with love, and harmony with other faiths and nature

Bishnoism teaches love, peace, kindness, simple life, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, hard work, good moral character, internal & external purity.

Bishnoism is a sect with difference which does not believe in statue worshiping, unnecessary rituals, man worshiping, castism but believe in karma, one God(Vishnu) and equal rights.

Saint Guru Jambheshwar Ji gave such a simple way which ensures, “JEEYAN NE JUKTI AUR MARIYAN NE MUKTI” means an art of living for this life and then Moksha/heaven after this life.

In addition to 29 rules, Guru Ji’s teachings are a blend of best practices of all faiths & religions and are covered by 120 shabads which he said to different people at different time & location in various contexts.

The people who follow Bishnoism are called Bishnoi

Bishnois are nature lover people and are first environmentalists of India.
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